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Kronic Zombie Survival

Kronic Zombie + Unlock Ranks + Unlock 3D Weapons + Raiding + Looting + PvP + Storage + More!

Status OFF
Adresse minecraft server listeKronicZombieSurvival.Me
Connection Port 25565
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MOTD Kronic Zombie + Unlock Ranks + Unlock 3D Weapons + Raiding + Looting + PvP + Storage + More!
Website serverliste http://Www.KronicZombie.Me
Spieler minecraft Server ist offline
Zuletzt online: Vor 4 Monaten
Version minecraft serverliste Spigot 1.10.2
Votes Minecraft Server Vote 0
Besonderheiten Citybuild, Survival, PVP
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Ever Want To Know What Its Like To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse With Guns

[1.7.X] Kronic Zombie Survival is a zombie apocalypse server in which you can rent rooms, buy horses, armor, enchants, guns, and more all with in game cash. You will earn cash for killing the infected, and any player you come across. So always be on guard. Explore your surrounding to find random loot in over 500 chest on the map! Team with friends to fight off the infected or have no mercy and kill everything in sight!How will you survive the Kronic Infection  Need more infoCheck out Www.KronicZombie.Me

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