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Willkommen auf unserer Minecraft Serverliste bei uns findest du einige der besten Deutschen Minecraft Server. Du kannst bei uns deinen eigenen Minecraft Server eintragen oder mit Hilfe unserer Suche kannst du deinen lieblings Minecraft Server finden.

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Cracked PowerFul-MC Network

Status OK
Adresse minecraft server listePowerFul-MC.Net
Connection Port 25565
Last Check
Previous Check
Website serverliste http://PowerFul-MC.Net/
Spieler minecraft 0 / 1000
Version minecraft serverliste BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.14.x
Votes Minecraft Server Vote 0
Besonderheiten Citybuild, Survival, PVP, Freebuild
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Premium IP: PowerFul-MC.Net


Cracked/Offline IP: Cracked.PowerFul-MC.Net



Welcome! Unleash your excitement into the best server yet!


- This server is up 24/7 and invites every player to participate in a number of epic servers and mini-games!

- The Things that u can do alone or with other players is awesome!

- Amazing updated plugins + custom plugins (soon)!

- Buyable purchases are allowed on the server and are their whenever you want it!

- New Things to improve the server for all you players are done each day!

- The server is runned and owned by slebu (Owner)

- Customer support is highly used and problems and issues are always fixed hours after noticing them!

- The servers capacity is 1000 slots making lots of players able to join!

- If u want to donate , just do /buy ingame


Server Infomation:



- Play Alone or with friends to surive in a small area , just starting with essential items!


- Battle it out in teams or individualy in big battledomes and be put into difficult situations!


- Get a large group of players and find the best items to slay them all before they kill you!


- Make a Faction and raid other people by blowing them up and killing everyone of them!


- Start Mining to earn money , so u can rankup and eventually become the strongest in the prison!


- Buy Amazing ranks like , VIP , Donator , Admin , Super-Admin , Owner , And do mostly whatever you want!

- OP Does Not Come with any of these ranks! 

- /Ban /Kick //Wand /Mute + Others are banned due to Abusive behaviour!


- Get a friend and battle them by destoying snow under them and watch them fall into lava!


- Alone or accompanied you will have surive jumping over hundreds of blocks without falling and make a good enough base to withstand enemies


- Always wanted to create a massive build? Now u can with only 1 command! Worldedit is buyable at $1.95 + Loads of commands to use!


- Normal Minecraft survive the nights without dying and create amazing builds!


- Make amazing buildings on plots with friends or by yourself! + You get creative mode!


- Kill your enemies by jumping from one island to another! Try to kill them all before you get killed! + Start with the same items!


- Want to 1v1 somebody and shoot paintballs at them? Well now u can! Try to kill your opponent!

Capture the flag:

- In teams or not... you need to capture the enemies flag before they capture yours! Its a race for victory!


-Fancy a challenge? Head over to parkour area and see if u have what it takes to get too the top!


Please Join this full action packed server!



Server IP: PowerFul-MC.Net

Server Webpage: http://PowerFul-MC.Net/ 

Vote: http://PowerFul-MC.Net/vote.html

Owner: Slebu

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