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Fallen Kingdom

Minecraft Server by g-portal.com

Status OK
Adresse minecraft server liste176.57.147.85
Connection Port 25565
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MOTD Minecraft Server by g-portal.com
Website serverliste http://www.youtube.com/channel/UClslf57ovyEDT3wJeBRwrGA
Spieler minecraft 1 / 8
Version minecraft serverliste 1.16.1
Votes Minecraft Server Vote 0
Besonderheiten Citybuild, Survival, PVP, Freebuild
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With the "Faction-Plugin" you can create your own faction and build, fight and even start wars with your members. It also has a protect function so you can protect your buildings from other factions so they cant destroy them. 
You can have faction relationships so make peace between your and another faction or you can make war and destroy the other faction.

We also have the "Karma-Plugin". When you join the server you Karma is 0 and your Nametag is white. If you now kill a player with a Green/White nametag your nametag will turn orange for a little amount of time. But if you kill a Green/White player while your nametag is orange you will turn into a red player wich means everyone sees that you kill innocent people and they will probably try to kill you. But if you want to get a Green player you will need to kill many red players. If you are a Green player it means that you only kill people who are trying to kill you and if someone is friendly to you you are friendly to him aswell.

The "Jobs-Plugin" does, that you can pick a job and get money and xp for doing your job. There are currently 12 Jobs:
Woodcutter, Miner, Builder, Digger, Farmer, Hunter, Explorer, Crafter, Fisher, Brewer, Enchanter, Weaponsmith.

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