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The Strictly Vanilla | PVP | Survival

---=[Strictly Vanilla 1.15]=--- ClassicVanillaGameplay THE ORIGINAL BEST VANILLA SERVER EVER

Status OK
Adresse minecraft server listemc.strictlyvanilla.net
Connection Port 25565
Last Check
Previous Check
MOTD ---=[Strictly Vanilla 1.15]=--- ClassicVanillaGameplay THE ORIGINAL BEST VANILLA SERVER EVER
Website serverliste http://resourcespacks.net/
Spieler minecraft 6 / 50
Version minecraft serverliste 1.15.2
Votes Minecraft Server Vote 1
Besonderheiten Citybuild, Survival, PVP, Vanilla (Keine Plugins)
Vote für The Strictly Vanilla | PVP | Survival

100% hard mode,PVP,PVE,SURVIVAL. Lots copy us but we are the original strictly vanilla.
and still pioneer great things with vanilla servers.

We use command blocks to do alot of special things, so some may think you have ranks its not vanilla nothing we do with command blocks effects your vanilla gaming experience only enhances it.
We do whitelist but take it off every now and then though out day when staff are online.
This is only to protect our players from other players who wish to do harm.

We have been #1 now since our conception and I have to thank the great community of players that vote every day for this.

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